We are Leif and Arielle Abel.
Founders of ReVision Furniture.
We both grew up constantly creating and altering things with our hands and minds to make them more beautiful.  From graphic design, to music, photography, wood working, formal clothing alterations and other creative outlets alike.
After both having grown up near the furniture capital of the world (Western North Carolina).  We recognized how much history, quality and innovation within the furniture industry was found right here in our beautiful backyard.
With that in mind, we decided to find a way to utilize the quality furniture from past generations and incorporate them with new finishes and fresh styles for the future.
A few years ago as we were experimenting with various types of vintage furniture, we began discovering the purity and quality of furniture that was birthed out of Denmark and other regions of Scandinavia back in the 1930's and beyond throughout what we now know as being apart of the modernist movement.  Well, there's not much else to say except... "WE FELL IN LOVE".
Everything about Scandinavian Modern Furniture as well as most Mid Century American Modern pieces seemed to ultimately grab our attention above all other types of furniture we were working with.
Now fast forward to current day, we are sold out!  It's like it grabs us at the soul level when we see authentic mid century pieces now.  It just truly speaks to us.  The form, the build, the raw beauty.
We now source quality Mid Century Modern furniture all over the world.  We've sourced and refinished over 1,000+ pieces, typically bringing the natural beauty back out through restoring processes.  Some of our pieces have been featured on places like Lowes and also seen on TV set designs such as ESPN.
We hope that you fall in love over and over again with the beauty of Mid Century Modernism and look forward to helping you find that dream piece for yours or your clients space.
- Leif and Arielle