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Hi, I’m Leif,
Founder of ReVision Furniture.

I simply love what I do.  The furniture I work with speaks to me on a deep level.  The form, the function and the raw beauty.

ReVision Furniture reflects my passion and appreciation for the beauty found within Mid-Century Modernism.  I‘m thrilled to source some of the finest and rarest designs of furniture from this Era.

I have become very purposeful in my processes over the years by providing a seamless way for clients to acquire pieces from us.

From excellent customer support, to detailed descriptions, photography, videography, secure checkouts with multiple payment methods, and making white glove delivery the standard for large pieces.  All of this is aimed to help give my clientele great confidence throughout the entire process.

I’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of clients all over the world and would love to have that same opportunity with you.